Happy 19th Birthday GOOGLE

Written by on September 4, 2017

GooGle :

It is the fastest growing company in history used by millions of people each day,google has turned its founders from students to Multi Billionaires.

FACT : You know what? Google’s homepage has maintained its  basic look since beginning because its founders did not have adequate knowledge of HTML. Google’s homepage has been changed at least seven times over the years.

Here You get to see all the designs throughout the years :

Do You wanna Recreate GOOGLE’s basic HTML web page then go check out the code below :

<form name=”f1“>
<h2 align=”right“>
<font size=”2“>
<i>Designed By </i><b><u>$andeep </u></b><b><u> $imeon</u></b></font><h2>
<h4 align=”center“>
<font color=”bluesize=”30“>g</font>
<font color=”redsize=”20“>o</font>
<font color=”yellowsize=”30“>o</font>
<font color=”blue” size=”20“>g</font>
<font color=”green” size=”30“>l</font>
<font color=”red” size=”20″>e</font>
<p><input type=”textsize=”50“><p>
<input type =”submitvalue=”GooGle search“>
<input type=”submitvalue=”i’m feeling lucky” ></h4></form>


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