Augmented Reality In Dentistry

If you are getting major dental surgery or reconstructive work then  it is  hard to visualize what they’ll look like after the surgery.Wax models may be useful but we need something amazing right? So here we go, the next gen technology Augmented Reality – A Swiss startup brings the, in retrospect, obvious solution of augmented reality to the problem, giving patients a virtual view of the smile they could soon have. The company CEO Roland Mörzinger collaborated with Disney Research to create an augmented reality engine for medical purposes, and dentistry was chosen as a good first application.

How does It Works ?

It works by matching a 3D scan of the person’s mouth cavity to scans of good teeth already used for this kind of thing. Once the software locks onto the user’s mouth and teeth, it overlays the improved teeth  and that’s where the fun starts. The the users can check out: Closeness of the teeth , various shapes and spacing between and so on.One can check out all these changes live from home.

Once the patient has customized their teeth and given them a preview in the AR “virtual mirror,” the final model is sent  for manufacturing.

This system is showcased at Dental Show in Cologne and got amazing response.All big medical companies were impressed by this path breaking technology in dentistry.

  Technology Can Solve Any Problem  
– – sandeep simeon ☑

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